BUilding my Empire



M. Appeal has been building her Empire since she was able to push the pen. She's been writing strong lyrics for audiences around the world who have been infected by her power. 

Her rhymes created buzz in the streets from City Studio recordings to features on several Chicago artists' tracks. M. Appeal gained the attention of Chicago record label Get Money Entertainment (GME) and was offered to be the First Lady and only female artist at the label.

Working to build her entertainment Empire, M. Appeal introduces us to her latest music album: I Am Ebony.

The first single โ€“ aptly titled โ€œBuilding My Empire," has quickly generated buzz among  Chicago's hip-hop scene and took her spot on local radio stations.

I Am Ebony reflects M. Appeal's life experiences, her lyrics take us on a journey through the pain of losing love and finding the strength to keep pushing. 

Faced with tragedy in the summer of 2009, M. Appeal lost her husband. She spent the next year coping with the life-changing reality and together, with her two young children, came back stronger than ever.

To honor her husbands memory and their shared passion for music, M. Appeal founded Diamond Linked Entertainment (DLE) in 2010.

As a writer, rapper, performer and actress, M. Appeal is a quadruple threat. Learning and leading, she continues building her Empire.

The only question is: Will you be a part of it?

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