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M.Appeal has been building her Empire since she was able to push the pen. She's been writing strong lyrics for audiences around the world who have been infected by her power. 

Her rhymes created buzz in the streets from her home town Philly to City Studio recordings and features on several Chicago artists' tracks. 

Working to build her entertainment Empire, M.Appeal took interest in filmmaking and acting as well, on Chicago's indie film scene which leads us to her latest music ep titled: Go Mode

The first single – aptly titled β€œBuilding My Empire" quickly generated buzz among  Chicago's hip-hop scene and took her spot on local radio stations and independent film scores.

As a writer, rapper, performer and actress, M.Appeal is a quadruple threat.

Living, learning and leading, she continues building her Empire. The Only question is, will you be apart of it?

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If someone wants to know your business, tell them to invest in it.


Building my Empire, 1 Link at a time.

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